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Publisher of fine film programs

The absolut Medien GmbH was founded in 1996 by the film arts cinema distributors from Berlin and Munich. Their concept is to publish specific, underappreciated, overlooked and neglected films and topics – this is how the Publisher could evolve into a profiled label for fine film programs and featured editions.

The range of absolut Medien includes almost 500 titles - including art and documentary films, literature, history and science; also classic pieces, collector's editions, compilations, silent films, rarities, and rediscoveries. Hollywood movies do not belong explicitly to the pepertoire of the Publisher, instead he emphasises on a European tradition. In addition to new releases, there are also classic and older titles part of the assortment. absolut Medien also publishes an own program in cooperation with renowned partners, such as the Arte Edition, the German film Museum, and the filmedition New York.

The publisher provides all the titles after years in order to counteract the fast pace of the market.

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