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Alessi products in Bauhaus style

The Bauhaus collection by Alessi comprises products designed by renowned designers according to the maxim Form Follows function . At the Bauhaus, functionality and intended use have top priority. Only then does the form follow, whereby everything useful should nevertheless possess a certain aesthetic.

Marianne Brandt is one of the representatives of the Bauhaus and among other things responsible for the designs of her famous ashtrays and egg cups. Their designs mark the transition from classical craftsmanship to industrial design, which was co-determined by the Bauhaus. As provisional director of the metal workshop of the Bauhaus, she had a decisive influence on the style, so that today she is regarded as one of the icons of the Bauhaus, whose designs are exhibited at the MoMA in New York, among other places.

Alessi has been producing some of its products since the 1980s, making them accessible to every design enthusiast.