Officina Alessi - Zumthor Collection

Officina Alessi - Peter Zumthor - collection

Alessi already announced its collaboration with star architect Peter Zumthor in 2013. After a total of two years of planning, six different models have been created from elegant crystal to form the Zumthor collection. The various shakers and jugs for sugar, salt, pepper, vinegar and oil inspire with an appearance that resembles crystals and stalagmites. The silver-plated detail makes a contrast to the glass body and complements the design in an outstanding way.

Thanks to Alessi, an impressive collection has been created from an initial idea. Peter Zumthor explains how it started:

"A few years ago I used a salt shaker while breakfasting at a hotel to season my egg. Maybe I didn't like what I was holding in my hand, but in any case I did up a quick, thin-lined sketch of a container for a liquid or granular substance. The sketch hung on the wall of my atelier for so long that I forgot what it was supposed to be. Maybe a high-rise building?One day the memory of that morning in the hotel came back to me and I remembered why I did the sketch.I took it into my model workshop immediately and asked Iris to produce a series of glycerine soap prototypes.The shapes were to resemble small and large siblings all part of the same family.Iris created a wonderful group of objects from soap that looked like frosted glass.Thanks to the team at Alessi, an old idea has now become reality."Peter Zumthor