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As self-educated person in Design, did Rainer Schwan found in 1993 the design office Artikel-Design.

The on the basic reduced product with high usefulness was already awarded with national and international awards like "Red Dot Award", DESIGN+PLUS, FORM, "Roter Punkt NRW", "Design Center Stuttgart" and also the "ORNARIS Bern, Switzerland".

Especially the mobile door stopper PUK, helped to get the international success. After this the mailbox CIRCLE was designed, which revoluted through its arched front and back sidethe design of mailboxes and is found in front of many houses.

Artikel Design stands for design, production and sales & marketing out of one house - Made in Germany - with high funktionality, high materials and quality. The products are very popular int the design scene.

ARTIKEL products can be found in specialist shops for interior design, museum shops and Design-Stores all over the worls.

Website of Artikel-Design