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Nine designers of five nations concentrated on the ancient piece of home furniture when the Boxes Collection emerged: The box.

The Munich design office Auerberg wanted to produce designs beyond industrial norms. Therefore the product laboratory works together with young creatives, which left the path they knew in order to surprise with new ideas and functions, materials and forms.

All of the products of the Boxes Collection surprise with that approach. A group of international designers caught the quint essence of a box as a highly functional piece of furniture, creating a new dialogue of material and form.
Each box remains a storage container, but it has more functions beyond that known one. This is how the Book box of Gerry Kellermann becomes a shelf when it isn't alone, the Bottle box is a stool and a box for bottles in one and also the Fritz box has multiple functions. Each box is made of a different, high quality material, in order to complete the duty perfectly.

The Auerberg Boxes are individual reinterpretations of high class materials and of a timeless design, by which they remain the most essential piece of furniture still.