Authentics - Kali bath collection

Kali is a collection from Authentics for the bathroom. Kali was developed in close collaboration with the renowned Design-Studio Doshi Levien from London. 13 accessories out of the best materials, besides 12 further functional accessories emerged.

The work from Doshi Levien is the junction and fusion of cultures, technologies, industrial design and craftsmanship. Nipa Doshi was born in India and her visually oriental influence is excitingly combined with the European roots from Jonathan Levien as well as with his precision as industrial designer.

As a result the bathroom-collection Kali is a hybrid: clear lines and high gloss surfaces alternate fascinatingly with mat areas and ornamental details. This all makes up a cultural multi-sound and an invitation for the senses.

Parts of the Kali bathroom series are a mirror cupboard, boxes, mugs, towel-stands, WC-brush, soap-plate, soap dispenser, toothbrush-mug, bin and WC-roll holder.