Belux - U-Turn

The LED spot family U-TURN by BELUX invites for playful interaction with light. The spot is easy to turn into a maximal action radius and it is even completely rotatable. U-Turn is a flexible light tool which ensures high enjoyment with the lighting radius.

The central elements of the U-Turn lamps are the ball joint and the round large light head. In its middle there is a magnetic deepening, which is placed on top of a metal sphere. This mechanism allows an easy moving of the light head and enables a large action radius. The deepening can be separated, turned and fixed again from the ball with one simple handling since it is magnetic on both sides. This is how direct or indirect LED light can be chosen for the U-Turn lamp. Moreover it is possible to change the light angle with a simple turn – similar to the Zoom of a camera.

The high quality material out of aluminium die cast is also mirrored in the robust design. The U-Turn Clamp Lamp is especially flexible and playful. This edition has the sphere joint directly connected with a big clamp. This one allows fixing the lamp at uncountable objects – starting with heating pipes, up to bookshelves – offering perfect flexibility.

The U-Turn light family includes six editions (reading, pendant, wall, ceiling, table and clamp lamps) in different colours, also combinable two of them. Therefore the U-Turn can be used in every place of the house as well as in selected offices or public areas.