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What characterizes your blog? What are your themes and specialties?

With Artonom I have the eaim of presenting shapely, practical and functional design products and to make them accessible for a wider public. Thereby I mainly focus on home accessories, but also on electric items, fashion and design classics for my continuously growing collection. The existing hunger for new and interesting products is never quenched. As a reader of Artonom one will regularly have current articles about the most different design ideas and innovations, usually there are updates several times a week. Personally, I see the specialty in the correctness of focussing the functionality of products and their advantages. Artonom is a whole less interested in appearances, contrasting most of the Lifestyle & Design Blogs, but it is more design oriented than most of the technique and gear blogs. Artonom is the bridge between both. Moreover, Artonom continuously presents designs that are affordable to most of the people. The economic factor of a product is also important here.

Who is your blog directed to? Who do you want to reach with it?

The blog is directed to design enthusiasts, but also to normal, technique-interested people that like to possess great functionality. I am happy if housekeepers like what I post. It is about liking design and attracting those that thereby thought of expensive and exotic products.

There are uncountable novelties by designers, brands, new products, etc. How and according to which criteria do you select themes for your blog out of this grand pool of information?

The blog works with brands and designers independently. Artonom also wrote about products by Vitra, Artemide, Flos or Seletti and doesn’t fear to name the according designer. But what makes it special is the product’s functionality, not the praising of a name.

Artonom researches all over the world in blogs and shops. If the product is new and innovative, is it then capable of more than competitors? Or is it a product, which has proven itself on the marked since many years already? Then it will enter the blog no matter what a name ornaments it. If the relevant idea existed before or if it has already been imitated several times, then the product isn’t adapted to be presented on Artonom.

What are your sources for new themes? Do you often search for them or do people contact you?

Artonom is online since one year when this is published. That’s the reason whay I am always depending on resaearching sources and products on my own. The ideal case would be if some innovations were given to me. It is difficult to keep my eyes everywhere. The source for new themes is the internet in general temrs, this means shops, blogs and news websites all over the worls. What is the world talking about? What’s trendy?

Do you read some other blogs about design? What blogs do you find especially succeeded regarding their appearance and content?
Those that want to remain up-to-date regarding technique and gimmicks, should read or If what one searches is fashion and style, then I suggest . On Facebook, I like Art & Design.

Is the blog a hobby of yours or do you even run it professionally? If not: do you regularly contact the design universe in your job and how do you connect both things?

I work as communication designer and I am also occupied with the internet as a medium therefore. That made the step to found an own blog an easy one, since it connects it all a little. Unfortunately, the blog is only a hobby of mine. I said “unfortunately” because the duty is far too interesting as to only work it in my few leisure hours. Maybe it becomes more someday.

If you find an interesting theme, you will have to work through it, write an article and provide the whole thing with images. How much time do you invest in your blog every day? Do you limit yourself according to “not more than X posts a day“?

I try to limit what I do and publish a maximum of 2 posts every day, in order to balance the days I am a little less productive where there is nothing to say for me. Moreover, I prefer to research a little longer before I present a product that fascinates me. I think it all takes about 1 – 1.5 hours every day, sans the research.

What fascinates you from home design and design as a general concept?

I find it interesting when design improves common things, sometimes with the most simple approaches or also to have some exceptional innovations in my hands. Those are the moments there is a “click” in my head and I think “Hey, how clever this is!”, or I realize “I have never seen something like this before!”. The holistic experience of a product: watch it, touch it and try it. This makes all of it fascinating.

If you work this much with design, there are surely some sympathies. Are there design brands that you especially like and can you explain why?

I like home design ideas from Black&Blum, Droog, Suck Uk, since they are cheeky, charming, often very innovative and economic at the same time. I am sure that there will be more to come. I basically like Scandinavian design. For example design by Design House Stockholm or Normann Copenhagen. Sometimes one thinks that the winter is dark for too long there as for the people to concentrate on something different than good design and that the good quality comes from that.

Do you have a favourite designer? What do you like the most at him / her and the creations?

Well as car-fan I say: Design by Gioretto Giugiaro – maybe the most successful designer of our times – regarded in general terms. More personalities would be le Corbusier, Oskar Niemeyer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or Marcel Breuer. Bauhaus!

What products impressed you lately?

There is an all-including shelving system made by Seletti, which is transformable into a cube when it is not needed or when you must move. It is a wonderful piece of furniture. The new Tesla Model S, as maybe first electric car that might achieve much more than the 400km sound barrier regarding its reach, being absolutely adapted to be used in our everyday lives. It left this permanent impression. Both of them are naturally completely different things.

Which products do you already have in your flat? What convinces you as private person and not so much as blogger regarding products?

I am absolutely astonished by my La Pavoni Europiccola espresso machine. A design out of the 60s which is still produced with hardly any changes, since there is nothing to improve about it. And you can taste the quality. The machine will definitely get a feature in my blog soon…