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Anne SchützName: Anne Schütz
Profession: Dipl. Communication, graphic and interior designer

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August 2012


Connox questioned AnneLiWest:

What characterizes your blog? What are your themes and where do you see specialties?

They are everywhere, the pretty things… Whether design, arts, pretty interiors or the ‚small things‘ – I want to share the things I like with my readers – especially with my own photos. The blog is graphic and I kept it consciously simple. The pictures and texts accompanying them should be the focus of attention.

Who is your blog directed to? Who do you want to reach and address?

The blog should reach all of those readers that are delighted by all the pretty things, as I am. Berlin is also a great theme in my blog. What goes on and where, ‘pretty‘ places to have dinner or insider shopping places. Such articles are directed to Berlin and non-Berlin inhabitants.

There are uncountable novelties by designers, brands, new products, etc. every day. How and according to which criteria do you choose themes for your blog out of the enormous pool of information?

I find it important to remain authentic – to only write about things that mirror my own taste.

What are your sources for new themes? Do you search things by yourself or do people contact you therefore?

I usually inform about things I experienced. I use to travel, not only in Berlin, and the camera is normally with me. This is how I am able to catch things ‘spontaneously’ and to write about them afterwards. Sometimes I also find interesting things in magazines or online that I want to let the people know on my blog.
Meanwhile people also write to me if I wouldn’t want to write about this or that. And if it suits – why not?

Do you also read other design blogs? What blogs do you find personally succeeded regarding their appearance and content?

My favourite blog is called ‚Emmas Designblog‘. The Swede Emma Fexeus is a professional blogger and she writes about Scandinavian design. Her page is very appealing and always inspiring regarding the content. I am also delighted to read news by ‘Cool Hunting’, ‘mocoloco’ or ‘Australian Design Review’.

Is the blog a hobby of yours or do you even treat it as your main profession? If not: Do you contact the design-universe in your daily job and how do you connect both things?

To blog is a hobby. I like the comments of my readers, mostly on the blog’s Facebook site ‘AnneLiWest | Berlin’. There aren’t many comments on the blog itself. It is also great to see that the blog is viewable all around the world and that there are more and more readers every day. This is really motivating for me. A huge network emerges through blogging, this also encourages my job. New contacts, even projects are born out of it. Very exciting!

If you find something interesting to report, you will have to work through it firstly, write an article and fulfil it with images. About how many time do you invest in your blog every day? Do you limit yourself according to the motto: “Not more than x posts a day”?

In the beginning I posted something every day. I had so much to share! Meanwhile I post something 2-3 times a week in order to keep the blog interesting for the readers. I write about one hour every day. My family gets roundabout 5 hours of my day – at least! My 4 children are my hardest critics…

What fascinates you about home design and design in general terms?

There is an idea, then a concept and then something completely new. That is fascinating in all design branches. There is still a lot to be invented!

If one works this much with design as you do, there are surely some sympathies after some years. Is there a design brand that you especially like, and can you explain why?

Oh, this is difficult to answer. There mustn’t always be great brands behind good things. But I like furniture by vitra, Knoll or Montana, the lamps by Artemide, Castaldi or Kaiser Idell, glasses by Iittala, porcelain by KMP and shelves by String. And the design products by HAY I like a lot.

What products delighted you recently or left a permanent impression?

Spontaneously I would want to mention the table-foot-system TICK by line 58. Jakob Schenk had a genius idea and the realization succeeded gorgeously… The warming bottle PILL by Authentics is a great design, lamps by Lokolo Berlin or the stool Super Sputnik are also very good designs in my opinion. I already own these wonderful things – except of the TICK-system – and I am they please me every day! Well, they are everywhere, the pretty things…