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Bluelounge was founded by designers Dominic Symons and Melissa Sunjaya in 1999 in California. Bluelounge is specialized in product- and graphic design.

Bluelounge was designed in California in 1999 by the designers Melissa Sunjaya and Dominic Symons. Bluelounge is specialized as design label for product and graphic design.

The working focus is in the development of simple and elegant solutions for the small annoying problems of out day by day. This is how e.g. "The Sanctuary" stops the ugly cable chaos on top of desks elegantly.

The products are full of cleverness, conception simplicity and high practicability. Jist the every day need make Bluegounge products highly desired objects.

Besides the designs for Bluelounge, Melissa Sunjaya and Dominic Symons also work for companies such as Microsoft, Panasonic and Airwalk.

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