Cappellini - Progetto Oggetto

Progetto Oggetto is a collection by Italian manufacturer Cappellini. It was created by Jasper Morrison and James Irvine in 1992. Progetto Oggetto includes products with a simple and adaptable design. The idea behind the collection is to design products that can easily be integrated into any furnishing. That way, Progetto Oggetto intends to contribute to the general propagation of design.

Each product gets a special name when it is included in the Progetto Oggetto collection. The name serves as a sort of serial number; this is why the product's names all sound similar. The umbrella stand by Jeffrey Bernett, for instance, bears the name PO/9901. The abbreviation PO stands for Progetto Oggetto and identifies the product as a part of this series. The first two numbers refer to the design year – 1999 in this case.

The Progetto Oggetto collection includes products by numerous renowned designers. In part, the designs originate from a time when today's star designers were still newcomers. Among others, Ronan Bouroullec, Thomas Ericksson, Marcel Wanders, Tom Dixon, Jeffrey Bernett and of course the initiator Jasper Morrison have contributed to Cappellini's collection.