Cascando - Pillow

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For the office, entrance halls or the conference room: Pillow by Cascando is a functional collection of panels that improves room acoustics and has more advantages.

Pillow is a completely new collection of furnishing accessories, which makes the office even more personal. Pillow offers colourful wall panels, for tranquillity in lobbies, halls, offices and conference rooms. Decorative and functional: As wardrobe, newspaper holder and memo panel. Pillow is cushioned with foam and coated with high class wool felt to improve the room's acoustics. There is a suitable Cascando Pillow for every purpose – but it doesn't matter which purpose your Pillow is bought for – the different variants are perfectly balanced and adapted to each other.

Cascando's wardrobes collection Pillow was honoured with the Interior Innovation Award 2013 because of the exceptional qualities.