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Shopping Baskets

The Shopping Basket: A Practical Everyday Tool

It's an endless repetition: again and again everyone needs to do the weekly shopping. Whatever we do, we can't avoid doing it. Especially in the city, shopping often needs to be faced without a car. The biggest problem: the transport from A to B. Here, strong and durable shopping baskets are of great help. Discover our selection in the design shop!

Shopping Baskets in the Interior Design Shop - Your Benefits

What Distinguishes The Perfect Basket?

1. Load capacity: a good shopping companion may not tear or bend under heavy loads. Durable materials such as polyester or polyethylene are particularly well suited. Materials like leather are not suitable because they wear off quickly. Aluminium rods, just like at the products by reisenthel provide additional stability.
2. Water resistance: if you do your shopping mainly on foot or by public transport, your shopping basket should be waterproof. This way, the food is well protected during a rain shower.
3. Functionality: some baskets are outfitted with special features. The ability to fold shopping baskets is one of them. After shopping they can be stored conveniently and space-saving.

The Shopping Basket 2.0 - A Classic in A Modern Robe

The shopping baskets of our grandmothers were predominantly made of rattan or willow. Today it is different. At the latest since the reisenthel carrybag, it's clear: shopping baskets are colourful and modern. Their materials can be easily printed, resulting in many design possibilities. Red, yellow, green, blue, floral, sporty or classic - anything is possible.

Whether it Rains or Snows - A Basket for Each Season

If +40°C in the shade or -6°C - food shopping can rarely be postponed. Therefore, it is important that your shopping basket meets your requirements. In winter, feet like the ones of the Carrybag 2 are very handy. This way your basket never comes in contact with wet surfaces and the purchases remain dry despite the snow and slush. And in the summer? Meat and fish are quickly perishable. It is important to protect them from too much heat. The reisenthel carrybag ISO, transports your shopping cool and fresh to your home.

Would you like to buy your shopping basket online? Let us send you your favourite one to your home, comfortably within a few working days!