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Juicers: All your Vitamins for the Day

What belongs amongst an extensive breakfast? Exactly, freshly squeezed juices. With a juicer, you can make many kind of juice yourself. This gives you a good mood and is substantially healthier than resorting to an industrial product. Banana strawberry, spinach orange: be creative. Be inspired by our large selection of juice squeezers and start off with a daily freshly-squeezed juice.

Juicers in our Interior Design Shop – Your Advantages at a Glance

Hand Press or Electric Juicer: What suits you Best

There are juice pressers in different versions and of different materials. The biggest decision is between an electric or a hand press. When choosing, consider how much juice you want to squeeze. If it's just a small glass of a morning, then the conventional version without electricity should be worth it for you. If you're after freshly squeezed vegetable juice or orange juice for the whole family, then you should reach for an electric model.

Why You Should Drink Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juice Daily

Industrially produced juices are usually heated to make them longer lasting, though in doing so many of the vitamins contained in the fruit are lost. Plants are extremely sensitive to heat. Prepare your juice with a fruit press or a juicer so that vitamins don't get lost. Even hard vegetables, such as carrots, for example, can be easily juiced with an electric juicer. Juices keep in the fridge as well, for up to 24 hours.

What You Should Know When Buying a Juicer

Juicers which have dishwasher-proof jugs are especially handy. This way you can keep the kitchen helper hygienic without individually cleaning each groove in painstaking labour. Materials such as plastic, porcelain or stainless steel are ideal because they do not take on any tastes. Then you don't have to worry that the cherry juice, for example, tastes like citrus.Would you like to buy your juicer online? Have it conveniently delivered to your home by Connox within a couple of workdays!