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Home Fragrance

Fragrances and Air Fresheners For Your Home

Room fresheners, diffusers, aromatic lamps – home fragrance products for freshening the air or for creating a specific mood can take many forms. Decorative bottles, bowls with reed diffusers, candle holders – all of these have the effect of turning an aroma diffuser into a beautiful accessory. With aroma candles, incense sticks, tea lights or electrically operated products, the home fragrance range in the Connox interior design shop covers a multitude of different intended uses and tastes. Find out here what you need to know when buying home fragrance products.

Finding the Right Aroma Diffuser for Your Needs

For what purpose do you need a home fragrance product? Some aroma diffusers serve to create a mood by using particular aromatic ingredients to soothe or to stimulate and energise. Others discreetly freshen the air, for example in the bathroom, dressing room or bedroom.

The fragrance note determines how a fragrance is perceived and when it evaporates. Through our sense of smell, a home fragrance addresses our subconscious and thus influences how we feel. When choosing an aromatic oil, consider which mood you want to create in your home. Scents such as those of lavender, sweet balm and roses will help you relax after a stressful working day; fennel and blood orange stimulate you and give you energy. Lemon grass and citrus are suitable as air fresheners. Stadler Form offers aromatic oils with a variety of different fragrance notes. The design of their aroma diffusers ensure that the fragrance is released evenly and subtly.

The duration of the fragrance depends on either the capacity of the diffuser, or the size of the candle, or on the way that the specific diffuser is designed to work. With incense sticks, the fragrance is long lasting, but takes a long time to be released. On the other hand, many electrically operated diffusers have a controllable rate of release. For information about how long a product's fragrance will last, refer to the particulars on the corresponding product page, as well as the quantity indications of the fragrant ingredients supplied in each pack.

Not all diffusers are suitable for every room size. Consult the corresponding product page to learn how many square metres the device can cover.

Home Fragrance: Electric or Natural?

Electric air fresheners typically have additional functions. Devices made by Stadler Form tick this particular box by having a number of different operational modes: they can run in continuous mode as well as at intervals. In interval mode, these diffusers are active alternately for 10 or for 20 minutes. Air fresheners that feature a daylight mode will only spray scent during daylight hours. As soon as it gets dark, the device switches off automatically.

Aroma lamps and scented candles have a persuasively natural look and feel. Tea lights spread a soft, warm light – this, in addition to the pleasant scent, is a plus for the atmosphere in a room. Disadvantage: candles require a permanent guard due to the risk of fire.

Air Fresheners from Connox – Your Advantages at a Glance

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