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Design Mirrors - Essential Goods

There are only a few items that are as mystical and fascinating as the mirror. Ever since the human being walks the earth it has the need to observe itself. Therefore the first mirrors were pools of dark, still water, because already in the stone age there was the cult about jewellery. The ancient Egyptians made their mirrors of polished bronze or copper plates. In the 14th century mirrors emerged for the first time, giving blown glass spheres a metal alloy while they were still hot. Towards the end of the middle ages, a process was developed in which paper was covered with mercury, mounted with polished tin foil and covered with another smooth sheet of paper. Afterwards, a glass plate was placed on it and slightly pressed down while the upper layer of the paper was removed again. Today aluminium foil under vacuum pressure is put on smooth glass panes or glass panels are coated with aluminium.

Design Mirrors in the Interior Design Shop - Your Benefits

Room Miracle Mirror

Small rooms don't automatically ask for small furnishings. Especially with mirrors, it's the opposite case. A great design wall mirror or standing mirror reflects the light. This way the room is visually larger. The No Frame Square by Driade is designed by designer Antonia Astori for the Driade Kosmo Collection. If you have little room, usually items that have multiple functions help a lot. The Skagerak Push coat stand is such an object. It combines the functions of a clothes stand with a full-length mirror.

For each Room the matching Design Mirror

  • Corridor: Do hat and scarf fit well? Is the hairstyle still the way you styled it a few minutes ago? Before leaving the house or apartment a short check-up in the hallway is usually compulsory. Therefore only few people want to do without a hallway mirror. The mirror box by Konstantin Slawinski links mirrors and decorative shelf in a straightforward and modern way.
  • Bathroom: a bathroom without bathroom mirror is hard to imagine. This is where we style and shave ourselves. The Strap mirror design mirror by Hay creates an optical highlight in your room and makes the annoying mirror cleaning easy. Due to the suspension on a strap, you can easily take the mirror off the wall. The need to reaching up and stretching is a thing of the past.
  • Bed room / Dressing room: Where do you check the outfit for the day? That's right, in front of the bedroom mirror. That's why it's also important that it has a sufficient size to mirror your entire length. The Georg lean-on mirror by Skagerak has a high-quality wooden frame made of oak. Thanks to its slim rectangular shape, it can be placed in any room.

Whether antique, oval or modern: you would like to buy your design mirror online? Let us send you your favourite one to your home, comfortably within a few working days!