Designer Kettles - For the Perfect Cuppa

Whether it takes pride of place in your kitchen or is nestled in the corner, the kettle is often the first thing we reach for in the morning and the first port of call when we have guests. The kettle is a staple of any British household, and as such our demands of this little appliance are quite high. When putting the kettle on for a cup of tea or coffee, a mug of cocoa or even just to fill a hot water bottle, we want the kettle to boil the water quickly, have a removable calcium filter, maintain a steady temperature once boiled and hide the heating element and power cable out of sight. We may also be looking for the option to set the temperature ourselves: for heating baby food or preparing "hot but not boiling" water for the more delicate green teas. Designers from around the world have taken the nation's kettle demands as a challenge and have designed and developed stylish kettles suitable for everyday use. We at Connox have curated the very best designer kettles for you here.

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Kettles with Temperature Settings – For When You Need Hot But Not Boiling Water

The tea fanatics among you will know that different types of tea require different water temperatures. Whereas boiling water gives black tea its dry aroma, fine teas such as white or green tea burn at 100 degrees and develop an unpleasant bitterness. The Artisan Kettle by KitchenAid allows you to select water temperatures between 50 and 100 degrees. This way, you will not damage the delicate Japanese green teas that should be prepared at 60 degrees.

Calcium in Designer Kettles – The Unwanted Guest

Calcium in your kettle affects the taste of the water and damages the flavour of your tea or coffee. Furthermore, it reduces the effectiveness of the device for heating. A simple household trick can help: Mix about one cup of water with some vinegar essence and boil this mixture in the kettle. Afterwards, everything will be calcium-free. Designer kettles such as Alessi's boiler have a heating element underneath a stainless steel plate so that it does not have direct contact with the water. Thus, annoying calcium deposits won't occur in the first place. Additionally, the spout of the Hot-It kettle has a calcium filter. If calcium does arise, the filter will catch it before it can end up in your cup.

Stainless Steel or Plastic?

Contrary to general opinion, plastic kettles and stainless steel kettles are equally good. The heating power of the device depends on the technology. A classic kettler has a heating element in the bottom. This element heats up. Depending on the quality and implementation of the designer kettle, the heating element is hidden underneath a stainless steal bottom. This makes cleaning the device easier. Another practical use of kettles is a heat maintenance function. The Emma Kettle by Stelton has a double wall and keeps water hot for a long time, similar to a thermos jug.

If you would rather heat your water the old-fashioned way, take a look at our Stove Top Kettles category. Here you will find new interpretations together alongside the traditional whistle.

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