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Design Water Boiler: How to Find the Right Model for Your Home

  1. Material variety
  2. Filling quantity
  3. Practical extras
  4. Conclusion

1. Design water kettles and their variety of materials

Design water kettles and their variety of materials

1. Eva Solo - Nordic Kitchen Kettle | 2. KitchenAid - Artisan Kettle | 3. SMEG - Kettle KLF03 | 4. Bodum - Bistro Electric Kettle | 5. KitchenAid - Artisan Kettle | 6. Alessi - Plissé Kettle

With designer kettles, the range of materials is very wide: from models made of plastic (4) and cast iron (2) to kettles made of glass (5) or stainless steel (1 and 3) and products made of thermoplastic resin (4), the choice is yours. In addition, there is a wide variety of colours and design accents in wood or an interesting mix of materials. Here you can choose freely according to your personal taste - because with kettles it is now the technology that makes the difference and no longer the material.

Much more decisive is the question of what you would like to use the kettle mainly for. For tea lovers, for example, models with extras such as a temperature setting and an integrated tea strainer are particularly practical.

2. The following must be observed for the filling quantity

Kettle - filling quantity

Since the filling capacity of a kettle is very important, the same design is often available in different sizes. Depending on the size of your household, you can choose between mini kettles that hold less than a litre and models that can hold more than a litre. As a rule of thumb you can remember that the capacity of an average cup is 250 ml.

3. Practical extras

Kettle - practical extras

1. removable limescale filter | 2. water level indicator | 3. 360° installation in the base | 4. insulated double wall | 5. temperature controller | 6. heating coil under stainless steel plate

Many kettle designs have additional features and extras that are highly recommended depending on the desired application:

  • Limescale filter (1) : This filter prevents the last traces of limescale from ending up in tea or coffee, and is therefore a good choice especially in areas with calcareous water. This is because limescale in the kettle reduces the heat output of the appliance and changes the taste of tea and coffee. There are models with removable filters, which makes them easy to clean. Alternatively, you can also use the following household trick: Mix a cup of water with a good shot of vinegar essence and boil it in the kettle. Afterwards everything is clean again.
  • Water level indicator (2) : This indicator shows at a glance whether there is still enough water in the kettle. The visual function also prevents the appliance from running dry.
  • 360° installation in the base (3) : This function allows you to pour water without the need for a cable.
  • Insulated double wall (4) : A double wall keeps the water hot or warm longer and is therefore also energy-saving.
  • Temperature control (5) : This extra feature is particularly important when making tea. Different types of tea require different water temperatures. Boiling water gives black tea its tangy aroma. Finer tea types, such as white or green tea, burn at 100 degrees and develop the unloved bitter aroma. The following temperatures are therefore recommended depending on the type of tea:
    ▪ green tea at 80° C
    ▪ white tea at 85° C
    ▪ Oolong tea at 90° C
    ▪ black tea at 95° C
    ▪ herbal tea at 100° C
  • Heating coil under a stainless steel plate (6) : By preventing the water from coming into contact with the heating coil, this function reduces lime scale.
  • Dry run safety : This safety device prevents the appliance from overheating. If there is too little water in the kettle, the appliance will not start to heat up.
  • Automatic switch-off function at boiling point : This function ensures that nothing boils over.
  • Temperature display directly on the kettle : The advantage compared to a temperature display on the base is that the water temperature can be read at any time, even when the kettle is not on the base.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "Kettles with temperature control are not only practical for ambitious tea drinkers, but are also a useful aid in the production of baby food. They also help to save energy, especially in combination with an insulated double wall, because you don't necessarily have to heat up to 100 degrees." - Viktoria, interior design expert

Precision water kettles from KitchenAid

4. Conclusion - this is what you should consider when buying a kettle

  • No matter whether it is a simple stainless steel kettle, a modern glass kettle or a kettle in retro design - the variety of materials and designs is very large and you can decide according to your personal taste. After all, when buying a kettle, the technical details are the most important thing.
  • The filling quantity of a kettle is variable and should best suit the size of your household. As a guideline you can assume an average cup of 250 ml.
  • Models with a removable or integrated limescale filter or a heating spiral under a stainless steel plate are particularly good against limescale.
  • A temperature regulator is especially important when preparing tea or baby food. Because different types of tea require different water temperatures.
  • Kettles with a 360° installation in the base are particularly attractive visually, as no cable is required.
  • It is easy to prevent your kettle from running dry on models with a dry-running safety device or water level indicator.
  • Kettles with automatic switch-off function at boiling point or an insulated double wall are very energy-saving.

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