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Design Beds - from the Oasis of Wellbeing to Multifunctional Living Furniture

Babies sleep up to 16 hours a day, children at least 11 hours. The older the person, the less the need for sleep usually gets. Teenagers and adults therefore need only eight hours sleep - one-third of the daytime. From the age of 50, the daily need for sleep can even drop to less than six hours. No matter how long you sleep, one thing is certain: we spend a lot of time in bed. Therefore, it ought to be as comfortable and beautiful as possible. Design beds are a good choice.

Design Beds in the Interior Design Shop - Your Benefits

High Up or Close to the Ground - The ideal Sleeping Height

Why even think about the bed height? It's simple: It's harder to get up from low beds. 50cm is considered the ideal height for your designer bed. 50cm correspond to the approximate height of a chair's seat. At a young age, low beds are also a possibility as well. For teenagers and young people are not usually suffering from pain in the back.

Turning to the Left, Turning to the Right - The Ideal Bed Size

There is a long list of bed widths. And Connox offers the following options.

  • European Single bed: this bed has the dimensions 90 x 200 cm. It's very space-saving. The Twice Stackable Bed by Authentics, here these space-saving properties make for special use. It's stackable: if two of the beds are stacked on top of each other, the base sits on the top and result in a comfortable sofa.
  • French or King bed: The Double bed is the luxury version among the beds, with 140 to 160 x 200 cm. The advantage: A second person fits into the bed. The Nebula Five padded bed by Diesel Living offers high comfort in a rustic and cosy design.
  • Queen bed: 180 x 200 cm make a spacious night camp for two. The advantage of such a size is that different slats and mattresses can be selected.

With the V bed by Tojo you don't need to choose a size. The bed frame can be extended like an accordion from 90 up to 170 cm in size. Like that, the design furniture grows with you and your needs.

The Environment for your Design Beds

The right equipment and environment is just as important as the bed itself. Bed linen, home furniture, bedside tables, or the right headboard contribute a lot to a good sleep. The Flai Bed by the manufacturerMüller Möbelwerkstätten is, for example, optionally available with a separate Bedside table and even with illumination. With an equipment like that, a good night sleep is certainly ensured!

Would you like to buy your design beds online? In this case, let us send you your favourite one to your home comfortably within a few working days!