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Artek - Siena pillow case Artek - Siena pillow case £31.00 *Marimekko - Pieni Siirtolapuutarha Cushion Cover Marimekko - Pieni Siirtolapuutarha Cushion Cover £29.00 *Marimekko - Kontio Cushion Cover Marimekko - Kontio Cushion Cover £29.00 *Marimekko - Pienet Kivet Pillowcase Marimekko - Pienet Kivet Pillowcase £44.00 *Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Cushion Case Marimekko - Pieni Unikko Cushion Case from £29.00 *Marimekko - Kiiruna Cushion Cover Marimekko - Kiiruna Cushion Cover £44.00 *Marimekko - Korpi Cushion Cover Marimekko - Korpi Cushion Cover £29.00 *Marimekko - Pieni Tiara Cushion Cover 50 x 50 cm Marimekko - Pieni Tiara Cushion Cover 50 x 50 cm £29.00 *Marimekko - Veljekset Cushion Cover Marimekko - Veljekset Cushion Cover from £29.00 *Marimekko - Tiiliskivi Pillowcase Marimekko - Tiiliskivi Pillowcase £29.00 *Mika Barr - Noam 3D Cushion Cover Mika Barr - Noam 3D Cushion Cover from £88.00 *Marimekko - Spaljé Cushion Cover 40 x 60 cm Marimekko - Spaljé Cushion Cover 40 x 60 cm from £29.00 *Marimekko - Varvunraita Cushion Cover Marimekko - Varvunraita Cushion Cover from £44.00 *Marimekko - Tiara Cushion Cover 50 x 50 cm Marimekko - Tiara Cushion Cover 50 x 50 cm from £29.00 *Marimekko - Tuuli Pillowcase 50 x 50 cm Marimekko - Tuuli Pillowcase 50 x 50 cm £44.00 *Iittala - Tanssi Pillowcase Iittala - Tanssi Pillowcase £44.00 *byGraziela - Farm Pillowcase byGraziela - Farm Pillowcase £14.00 *Marimekko - Vuorilaakso Cushion Cover Marimekko - Vuorilaakso Cushion Cover from £29.00 *Marimekko - Sommar Cushion Cover Marimekko - Sommar Cushion Cover £33.00 *Artek - Rivi Cushion Cover Artek - Rivi Cushion Cover from £26.00 *Artek - Zebra Pillowcase Artek - Zebra Pillowcase £100.00 *Marimekko - Frekvenssi Pillowcase Marimekko - Frekvenssi Pillowcase £44.00 *byGraziela - Pillowcase Train byGraziela - Pillowcase Train £14.00 *byGraziela - Pillowcase Apple byGraziela - Pillowcase Apple £14.00 *Mika Barr - Geo Origami Cushion Cover Mika Barr - Geo Origami Cushion Cover from £46.00 *Marimekko - Koppekka Cushion Cover Marimekko - Koppekka Cushion Cover £44.00 *Marimekko - Siirtolapuutarha Cushion Cover Marimekko - Siirtolapuutarha Cushion Cover from £29.00 *Bloomingville - Jersey Cushion Cover 90 x 50 cm Bloomingville - Jersey Cushion Cover 90 x 50 cm £41.00 *Marimekko - Kukko Ja Kana Cushion Cover Marimekko - Kukko Ja Kana Cushion Cover from £29.00 *Mika Barr - Pinion Cushion Cover Mika Barr - Pinion Cushion Cover from £57.00 *Mika Barr - Vein Cushion Cover Mika Barr - Vein Cushion Cover from £67.00 *Marimekko - Bottna Pillowcase Marimekko - Bottna Pillowcase £44.00 *Hey Sign - Cushion Uno Hey Sign - Cushion Uno from £50.00 *byGraziela - Reversible Pillowcase Hearts 40 x 40cm byGraziela - Reversible Pillowcase Hearts 40 x 40cm from £14.00 *Marimekko - Räsymatto Cushion Cover Marimekko - Räsymatto Cushion Cover from £29.00 *ferm Living - Colour Block Cushion S1 ferm Living - Colour Block Cushion S1 £32.00 *

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Normann Copenhagen - Brick Cushion

Cushion Covers & Cushions for your Home: Cuddle, please!

Warm, soft and comfortable: cushions are textiles for almost every living area: the living room, bedroom or outdoors. As guarantor for comfort or as chic accessory - the different cushions offer the opportunity to furnish your apartment according to your personal preferences.
The selection of cushions in the Connox interior design shop, you can fall back on is huge: pillows, sofa cushions, decorative and ornamented cushions and many other cushions. Discover the right size, the right shape, and the appropriate material for any possible use. We have some tips and tricks that will help you to find the right designer cushion for you.

Adviser: this is how you can find the right Cushion

Filling: The Field of Use is Crucial

The filling of your cushion or pillow depends on its field of use. Feathers and down are used for decorative cushions, couch pillows, sofa cushions and cuddly pillows. They warm us and make the home really comfy. Cushions with loose flakes can easily be shaken up and adapt to the body. Floor cushions, primarily used to sit on, need a firmer filling, which can withstand the weight of the body. That’s why they are often filled with foam or other solid flakes. These fillings ideally carry and support the body.

Case: Cushions for Indoors and Outdoors - It Depends on the Fabric Case

Removable cushion covers are an advantage both for indoor as well as outdoor areas. Many fabric covers can be washed. Also, the pillow cover can be adjusted to taste. Whether the cover is equipped with buttons or zipper is up to your personal preference.
The material of which the case is made is most important regarding the choice of the cushion. Cushion covers that are used indoors, often consist of cotton. The material is easy to clean, and harmonizes to every furnishing style. Cushion covers made of cotton also have a comfortable feel on the skin.
Pillowcases and cushion covers made of other materials create other visual effects. Wool covers and knitted covers seem classic and comfortable. Synthetic cushions are robust and easy to maintain, and partly even fireproof. Felt cushions are durable and stable in their form.

Outdoor manufacturers like Skagerak and Weishäuptl work with weather-resistant materials. Upholstery fabrics such as Dolan or Barriere are made of acrylic or polyester and are able to withstand wind and weather. They are waterproof, UV resistant and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. Make also sure that the inner filling of the outdoor cushions is also able to withstand moisture.

Size and Shape

Pillows and sofa cushions usually have a standard size of 80 x 80 m. This size allows the head getting enough space when relaxing and to sleep comfortably. Decoration cushions are a bit smaller. They usually have the sizes 40 x 40cm or 50 x 50cm. This has the advantage that they decorate the sofa, armchair and Co without taking up too much space on the seat. Special forms of the cushions, such as floor cushions have no standardized dimensions. You’ll find the cushion’s and cover’s sizes in the properties on each product page.

Whether round cushions or square cushions, balls or other forms - make the choice according to your personal preference. But keep in mind that cushions in unusual shapes, such as the Chango cushion by OK Design, are ideally acting as an eye-catcher, but are however not suitable to relax on it.

Pattern and Design: Cushions for Any Season

In spring and summer, we love cushions in fresh colours, while in autumn and winter, muted colours and warm shades are needed.
Just like the fabric, the cushion pattern decides whether the look is modern or classic, simple or extravagant. Digital prints, graphic patterns, black and white combinations, colour gradient, typography and colour blocking are only some ways to fundamentally change the effect and appearance of a cushion. Here we offer cushions and cushion cases by Vitra, Kvadrat and other designer pillow variants and designs for every taste.

Cushions in the Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages at a Glance

You would like to buy your cushion cases and pillows online ? Let us send your favourites comfortably and within a few working days to your place!

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