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Hay - PC Table Lamp LED Hay - PC Table Lamp, black (RAL 9005) £172.00 *Flos - Goldman Table Lamp -34% Flos - Goldman Table Lamp, solid brass RRP £349.00 £229.99 *Hay - PC Table Lamp LED Hay - PC Table Lamp, light grey (RAL 7035) £207.00 *FontanaArte - Volée Table Lamp FontanaArte - foot for the Volée table lamp, white £68.00 *Flos - Minikelvin LED Table Lamp Flos - Mini Kelvin LED Table Lamp, silver £175.00 *FontanaArte - Volée Table Lamp FontanaArte - Volée table lamp without foot, white £250.00 *Gubi - Bestlite BL1 Desk Lamp Gubi - Bestlite BL1 Desk Lamp, matt black (UK) £532.00 *FontanaArte - Volée Table Lamp FontanaArte - Volée table lamp without foot, dark grey £250.00 *FontanaArte - Volée Table Lamp FontanaArte - Foot for the Volée Table Lamp, dark grey £68.00 *

Ideal lighting conditions with the Liftolino Table Lamp by Belux

The Desk Lamp: The Right Light for Your Workplace

The office became our second home. That's a good reason for it to be a place of wellbeing. The first step: Finding the right illumination. But a desk lamp must do much more than only look pretty. Functionality is as important as that.

Desk Lamps in the Interior Design Shop – Your Advantages

Shiny Desk Lamps: The Right Motivation

Did you know the right light increases our performance at work? No? Researchers proved that warm white light (2700 – 3000 K) tranquilize. Modern LED lamps are leaned on those results and create the right working surrounding. LED lamps are as well advantageous regarding their appearance. Find out more about it in the article "LEDs and lamps design" of our world of topics.

Keyword: Flexibility

Ergonomics at work are important. Office furniture must be flexible and adapt to you and your demands. Nothing else is to say about working lamps. The ideal desk lamp has a pivotable arm and it stands stably. The Fortebraccio by Luceplan

Be inspired by the big selection of lamps of the home design shop!

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