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Planters for Outdoors: Flowering Moments

In the garden, on the balcony or the terrace - flowers create atmosphere and colour accents. They are only done completely correctly with the right accessories. Flower tub, plant pot, plant tray, balcony box or flower pot - the selection is great. We show you which planter is best and the most appropriate for your needs. Be inspired by our selection and transform your home into a sea of flowers.

Planters for Outdoors in our Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages at a Glance

Planters: Watch Out for the Right Material for Outdoors

Plastic planters: a plastic flower pot has the advantage that it is extremely durable and available in many colours. You can complement any garden style. Just be sure to make your plastic pot winter-proof in autumn. Plastic can become porous and break when it is cold.
Fabric planters: they are the new trend: flower tubs and plant pots made of fabric. For example, the Plant bags by Bacsac: they are made of 100% recyclable geotextile, breathable and UV and frost-resistant. In shape they're modelled on a classic flower pot.
Concrete planters: cement stands in direct contrast to a leafy environment. With cement pots in anthracite, city and country meet to create an exciting effect. The preferred option is eternit fibre cement. It is cement, limestone flour, fibre, air and water from the natural materials and is 100 percent recyclable. Cement pots are breathable and regulate moisture.
Wooden planters: wood is the ideal complement to plants. Flowers can breathe well through it, while it also changes over the years and is extremely durable. Different weather conditions create interesting effects. Wooden tubs go well with other natural garden furniture. The manufacturer Skagerak has an interesting selection.

Planters for Outside: This Shape Fits

Flower pot: flower pots are the most classic type among the planters. They are available small or as large flower pots. No limits are set in terms of size. The shape of a flower pot is typically funnel-shaped. As a result it is ideal for expansive, wide plants. The Flower pot by Bloom offers an interesting effect. If the integrated illumination of the flower pot is turned on, only the light and colour can be seen. The material seems to disappear. So you can put your flowers in focus even in the dark.
Balcony box: balcony boxes allow themselves to be fixed to the edge of the balcony. Flowers rest at eye level and don't take up any unnecessary space on the floor.
Planting trough or flower box: flower boxes appear modern thanks to their shape. Several flowers have their own set place in them. In cement, the planter box becomes an interesting eye-catcher in your garden.

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