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Gift Wrapping - Caution, Love Inside

Gifts are a nice way to make a special person happy and say: 'I like you'. However, no gift is complete without the right packaging. Because only a beautifully wrapped gift piques curiosity for what may be hiding inside. Wrapping paper is here in a wide range of designs and materials. You will find something for every person and every occasion. We have compiled a great selection of paper, bows, gift tags and bags for you. Let yourself be inspired.

Gift wrapping paper in our interior design shop - your advantages at a glance

Gift Wrapping: you have these Options

One of the most popular wrapping papers is tissue paper. It is thin and translucent. Perfumes and jewels can be elegantly wrapped with it as they are partly visible through the paper. Tissue paper is varied and available both in subtle shades of cream as well as colourful and flashy patterns. The classic gift wrapping paper is thicker than tissue paper and not translucent. Its solid structure makes it good for wrapping up major gifts and especially boxes. Gift bags and boxes are excellent for things that are difficult to pack due to their shape, such as wine bottles. They are much better off in a gift bag. In addition, gift bags or cartons are recyclable and protect the environment. Gifts can be decorated originally or creatively embellished with a bow or gift tags, which you can leave a loving greeting on.

Christmas: Every Year

At no time in the year do we pack so much with ribbon, wrapping paper and the like. Time and again, the most creative packaging ideas gather under the Christmas tree. On one hand, Christmas paper in rich red tones or with gold and silver patterns bring a festive mood.

Creative Gift Wrap: Too Beautiful to Unwrap

Sometimes it does not take much to make a nicely packaged gift an eye-catcher. Fancy stickers, like those from Peleg Design or colourful gift tags by Hay, are a great way to add accents. For those who like it extravagant, is well advised with the Gift Wraps by Luckies. The unusual gift paper transforms any gift in the blink of an eye into one of six animals or a robot.

Want to pack your gifts creatively? Then order gift wrapping paper, ribbon and gift bags online at Connox and have it delivered within few working days.