Ecological Responsibility

Connox cares about the environment

The Environment is Important to Us

Our social responsibility is important to us, and the environment is a topic particularly close to our hearts. That's why we work with a sustainable business policy, which focusses on a careful relationship with natural resources and a variety of measures for the protection of the environment. This includes our almost completely paperless office, as well as our use of renewable energy sources and packing boxes made from recycled paper.

100% Eco-Electricity

Connox's energy provider is Naturstrom - meaning that 100% of the electricity we use is from renewable resources. We save more than 16 tons of CO2 every year compared to using a national "mixed energy" provider - that's about the same as 805 trees. We are also promoting the expansion of renewable energy: more than 200 new eco power plants have been built thanks to support for Naturstrom.

GoGreen - Environmentally Friendly Delivery

DHL GoGreenThe delivery company DHL allows us the possibility to carbon-neutralise all our outgoing parcels. For a small surcharge, the GoGreen program neutralises the CO2 emissions effected by our deliveries. We have been a part of the program since 15th August 2010, and the overall aim is to reduce all carbon emissions from the Deutsche Post (German postal system) by 30% by 2020. For more information on GoGreen you can visit

Solar Power

Solar panels on the roof of ConnoxWe are passionate about renewable energy, which is why we had this huge photovoltaic system of solar panels installed on the roof of our building! Harnessing the power of the sun, we are now able to produce 60,000 kWh per year, which is more than the double the energy that Connox consumes with over 40 employees.
Taking part in events such as Hanover Catching the Sun (Hannover auf Sonnenfang), we do our part to convince other companies of the many advantages of installing solar panels on unused surfaces, such as on roofs. Not only can companies save money in the long run, but it also helps protect the environment and reduce carbon from the atmosphere. By allowing us to use solar power instead of burning fossil fuels, our large area of roof space is certainly being put to good use!

Disposal and Recycling

Blauer EngelWe are committed to the proper disposal of all our waste products. Being a paperless office, we work to a strong principle of waste-avoidance, and as such abstain from creating a lot of rubbish in the first place. We are big on recycling, and even in our breaks we make sure that we're not sending a single yoghurt pot or foil sandwich wrapper to clog up the landfills! Because of this, it is obvious to us to reuse our manufacturers' dispatch cartons and packaging materials.
Our own parcel cushioning is made of 100% recycled paper and has the "Blauer Engel" certificate of environmental protection. All of our boxes and packaging are licensed by the German Packaging Ordinance. The aim of the Package Ordinance is to reduce environmental pollution by packaging waste and to promote the reuse of packaging materials.