Connox and Covid-19 - All you need to know

The still ongoing spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) poses a great challenge to each and every one of us. Here we keep you up to date on the current situation at Connox.

In the past months, in which it became apparent that the virus would be with us for much longer than we had hoped, we have prepared ourselves for the worst case scenario and drawn early conclusions from the consequences of the pandemic for Connox, as have our service providers. Currently, we can therefore offer you our full service again.

Please note: Due to Brexit, the EU-U.K. Trade and Cooperation Agreement has resulted in more complex processes, and additional customs data requirements for parcels destined for the U.K. This, along with delays and congestion at U.K. ports for channel crossings, has placed extra pressure on our turnaround and transit times.

As a result, there are major delays for item being sent via freight forwarding. Deliveries will be sent as quickly as possible, but we ask for your understanding that there may be additional unforeseeable delivery delays in the coming weeks. Parcel sized orders dispatched via DHL remain unaffected.

Our protective measures to contain the coronavirus

  • Conferences and meetings where the minimum distance cannot be maintained will be held digitally only
  • Strictly segregated shift system in the logistics centre to keep the risk to the workforce as low as possible
  • Hygiene measures have been tightened, compliance is consistently monitored
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Robert Koch Institute confirm that the virus does not remain on surfaces such as metal and plastic for long. It needs droplets for transmission. In this respect, there is no reason to be concerned about contact with parcels.