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Our current delivery times

The still ongoing spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) poses a great challenge to each and every one of us. Here we keep you up to date on the current situation at Connox.

Thilo Haas"Dear Customers,

We have been living with the pandemic for a good year now, and since then our professional and private lives have changed for all of us.
With Corona, however, shopping behaviors have also changed.

As an online retailer, we are at the center of this change and are naturally delighted about the large number of new customers and orders and thank you for your trust. On the other hand, we are faced with the challenge of processing all these orders and requests. This currently brings us to our capacity limit and a quick expansion of our team is necessary - this is unfortunately not able to be done as fast as it would be necessary and desirable.

Nevertheless, Connox has the claim to offer high-quality service in addition to high-quality products. This is always a challenge and time is necessary to respond to each request. Therefore, please be sure: Our customer service team is doing our best and will answer your request - even if it takes a little longer.

Another topic that is now also being mentioned in the media is the difficulties in the supply chain. Due to the current situation, delivery dates given to us are becoming less and less reliable. Nevertheless, please be assured: we read your messages, you are not forgotten and we will deliver your design favorites as soon as we can!

Please have confidence and understanding that it can currently take a little longer than it should. We have had passion for what we do for 15 years and that has not changed. Thank you for your patience and for challenging us and pushing us to new heights. Stay well!"

  • Thilo Haas, Connox founder and CEO

Please note: Due to Brexit, the EU-U.K. Trade and Cooperation Agreement has resulted in more complex processes, and additional customs data requirements for parcels destined for the U.K. This, along with delays and congestion at U.K. ports for channel crossings, has placed extra pressure on our turnaround and transit times.

As a result, there are major delays for item being sent via freight forwarding. Deliveries will be sent as quickly as possible, but we ask for your understanding that there may be additional unforeseeable delivery delays in the coming weeks. Parcel sized orders dispatched via DHL remain unaffected.

Our protective measures to contain the coronavirus

  • Conferences and meetings where the minimum distance cannot be maintained will be held digitally only
  • Strictly segregated shift system in the logistics centre to keep the risk to the workforce as low as possible
  • Hygiene measures have been tightened, compliance is consistently monitored
  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Robert Koch Institute confirm that the virus does not remain on surfaces such as metal and plastic for long. It needs droplets for transmission. In this respect, there is no reason to be concerned about contact with parcels.