Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany

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The design award of the Federal republic of Germany is one of the most worldwide renowned design prices in communication and product design, since you must already have won a design award with your product or work to participate. This is why this one is the award among the awards.

The award is given since 1969 and every year again by the Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology. The Foundation of this prize shall emphasize the economic meaning of design and to encourage especially average politic points of view.

With the golden and silver award, up to five exceptional works out of product, communication and ecologic design are awarded. Furthermore special performances as well as design newcomers can also be awarded.

About the DMY Berlin – organizer of the design award of the Federal Republic Germany

DMY Berlin is an internationally renowned platform for contemporaneous architecture, interior and product design.

The organization saves creative work since 2003 and offers national and international transparency to it. The company is specialized on the correct alignment of sophisticated design presentations as well as huge prepared events.

DYM presents the International Design Festival Berlin every year, one of the biggest German festivals for contemporaneous product design. The festival has established itself internationally as unique business platform for professional designers and manufacturers as well as it became the growing ground for young, talented designers for design practice and play a central role inside of the festival.

Because of many mistakes in the press, the Because of many misunderstandings in the press, the ministry advisor Dr. Ulrich Romer explained that the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany is not identic to the German Design Award. Both awards exist independently and should be differentiated. The mistake might have emerged because the design council organized both awards until 2012. It remains important that the German Design Award is still given by the design council, the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany by the federal ministry for economics and technology. The agency DYM is responsible for the organization of the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany event since 2012, and the awarding takes place in Berlin.

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