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The "Good Design Award" is Japan's only comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system. This system itself has its origins in the "Good Design Selection System" (generally known as the "G-Mark System") instituted by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1957.

Having achieved to build a foundation to nurture the industry and design of Japan, many participation from every country in the world have been joining this award as a synthetic design evaluation system, and the awarded designs count more than 30,000 items so far.
At the time this system was created, the concept of "design" was scarcely given a second thought in Japan. The system was therefore created as a policy measure for bringing about the simultaneous development of everyday life and industry.

More and more companies have begun to incorporate design into industrial activities, and the system itself has continued to expand and develop with the participation of these companies. The fields with which it is concerned have spread from consumer goods to industrial goods, public facilities, and even beyond industrial field such as ecological activities.

Good Design Award has developed today into a comprehensive design evaluation system that centres on industrial products but includes products in a wide variety of fields such as architecture, the environment, communication and even experimental design in state-of-the-art technical fields and business models that have design at their core. Today most consumers support the "Good Design Award." All Japanese companies that have incorporated design into their operations and are engaged in state-of-the-art production are participating in this system.

The scope of the "Good Design Award" now transcends mere evaluation of design, and this system is now beginning to play a dynamic role in getting us to think about basic matters such as the lives we should be living and how industry can undergo continuous development.


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