Lamp of the year 2012

The competition "Lamp of the year" takes place annually in the internet. Twelve lamps are selectable in the voting. The winners are chosen by the user: by you.

The title "Lamp of the year" is a kind of public prize and a special honour for the winner. The three best-placed lamps are awarded in spring/ summer of the year in the Kaiserhaus Arnsberg, Germany.

The three best lamps of 2012 were:

1st place

CLEO [Design: 08/16 quergedacht]

It is a lamp for all cases: Read in every situation because it is possible with Cleo, with the correct light direction and amount, whether to relax or to work concentrated. The pretty thing of it is that the used LED technique "only" influenced the new form – the Holtkötter popular comfort at this kind of lamp is obvious – with a good book, a magazine or at work.

Reading lamps in their most different variants as floor lamp edition (for the sofa), as wall lamp (to read in the bed) or at the desk (while working) are a long-term domain of the manufacturer Holtkötter. The experience of the designers Martin Neveling and Torsten Cramer from 08/16 quergedacht made it possible for them to create a family of lamps that consequently implements LED-technique with Cleo.

Manufacturer: Holtkötter Leuchten

2nd place

NLC [Design: Constantin Wortmann]

Attractive, distinctive and also exciting is how NLC acts on the first sight. That's the interesting thing of it. The head of Medusa reaches our deepest thoughts as well as the wickerwork of a treetop.

The shape changes with every angle it is watchen drom. Whether as single spotlight or hanged in a group – NLC sets accents in white, black or silver. Contemporaneous – and efficient while chosing the illuminant. A next designed, dimmable LED illuminant is also sustainable as the non-dimmable LED and ESL bulbs.

Manufacturer: Next

3rd place


Up to 50 different light sources of the Ambiance series could be controlled wirelessly via remote control. The unusual thing is that coloured light and white light are combinable. The pendant lamps can be completed with further floor and table lamps if desired.

All the spots spread warm white light downwards out of a clear or white matt light source and colourful, decorative light upwards. While halogen lamps create the white light, LEDs make life more colourful if desired.

The nuances are chosen on a scale with the included remote control. The contrast of colours, as well as the brightness of the white light are regulated continuously.

Manufacturer: Philips


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