Lamp of the year 2014

The competition "Lamp of the year" takes place every year in the internet. Twelve lamps are part of the voting and the winners are decided by the users, by you!

The title "Lamp of the year" is a kind of public award and especially important for the winners. The three best placed lamps are awarded in Spring /Summer in the Kaiserhais Arnsberg, Germany.

The three first placed of 2014:

1st place

U-TURN [Design: Michel Charlot]

Accent light in an instant. The new LED spots family U-TURN invites to interact with light. Since the gap in the lamp's head is magnetic on both sides, it can easily be separated from the bowl, turned around and plugged again. This is how direct or indirect LED light can be selected immediately if desired.

The changeable light angle makes U-TURN flexible and funny.

Manufacturer: Belux

2nd place

CUBELIGHT CL1 [Design: Mathias Schifferdecker]

18 glass cubes – 14 transparent ones and four in red, yellow, green and blue each one – can be towered and combined again and again. The LED light source in the chrome-plated socket lights the object from below and it breaks the glass cubes in different spectrums according to how the cubes are organized. The number of cubes is expandable if desired.

CUBELIGHT isn't a simple ambience light – rather an object of lifestyle. A moody light which permits a lot of colour variations.

Manufacturer: Tecnolumen

3rd place

GLANCE [Design: Ottenwälder & Ottenwälder]

GLANCE embodies the renaissance of classic lampshades in an interpretation with materials, colours and technologies of nowadays. The silhouette of the lampshade is caught by an aluminium head in seven different colours. Equipped with modern LED technique, the lamp completes the desire of classic elegance, connected with futuristic light technique.

Numerous functions and adjustment possibilities complete the charming profile of the lamps family GLACE. The harmonic melt of classic light design with current LED technology give an unmistakable appearance to GLANCE.

Manufacturer: Oligo


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