Red Dot Design Award 2009

Crisis manager with popularity potential – The creative sector wakes new optimism

Design is only half as popular as the love, but contrasting Barack Obama or David Beckham, it is leading on the international popularity scale. This image is given by the research in searching engines on the web. Design is also focussed by producers all over the world, since it is considered that good design revitalizes the market. This year's results of the red dot award say the same. The participation of companies has never been as grand as in this year. Thereby the company around the desired red dot counts to the most important ones around the world in the industrial sector.

Design offers a stage for international companies, indispensable for the survival on the global market, proven by the 3,231 presentations for the red dot award: product design 2009, coming from a total of 49 nations. About 16% of increase of participants shows the economic potential of design, even in crisis times. The international experts' jury honoured 683 products for their high quality, 49 ones were honoured with the red dot: best of the best for their especially exceptional design solutions. 17% of all the awards went to Asia in this year, 53 products of them from Taiwan. Good design mustn't necessarily come from the Westside of the world, Asia's innovation potential grows rapidly.