Axel P. Huhold

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Axel P. Huhold

The designer and diploma engineer of interior architecture Axel P. Huhold was born in Bremen in 1962. His creative inclination led him to the other end of Germany after he finished school, to Bad Kohlgrub in Bayern, to become a "Star" cook there.

He worked as chef and then as managing chef after his apprenticeship in élite restaurants after his apprenticeship to become a chef in Berlin. His creative skills however, didn't find enough liberty in kitchens. The consequence was a professional change. He studied interior architecture in Detmold. His design-passion could be deepened there and also enriched with construction knowledge.

During the practices at MAWA Design, Berlin, he discovered his love for details and "sincere" materials.

Already as a student he has been strongly influenced by his work for the design of a mosque roof by ornamenting it with semi-precious stones in handwork in the workshop of the architect Dr. Ing. Mahmud Bodo Rasch jr., employee in the atelier of Frei Otto (the constructor of the tent-roof of the Munich Olympia stadium) in Stuttgart.

After the exam, several years of planning and construction-management followed in Cottbus, Darmstads and Munich. On the building site – by enlarging the multiple awarded Hotel "Zur Bleiche" in Burg in the German Spreewald – emerged the first writing device: BauStahl Classic (construction steel): a sketch pen out of abutment sections, which was honoured with the steel-innovation award.

On the Meyer dockyard in Papenburg he has decisively participated on the construction of cruiser-ships and could also work at pools, bars, sports-fields, and furnishing with artworks and enormous steel-sunroofs and so on.

Meanwhile he works together with his wife, the architect Christiane Salomon at the Global Design Factory among others.