Bertrand Jayr

Bertrand Jayr

To say that Bertrand Jayr is just a designer would be an injustice. The Frenchman is much more an artist who also works with products and their design.

Bertrand Jayr completed his studies at an arts and crafts school in Lyon in 2004, where he today also lives and works. Even back then it was clear that he preferred to work with concrete.

Design as Humorous Rebellion

The products by Bertrand Jayr have a special way of integrating into furnishings by giving everyday objects a new kind of materiality and industrial impression. They seem to speak formally and tell their own stories. Last but not least, this is possibly due to the fact that some of Bertrand Jayr's strongest influences stem from conceptual art.

Humour and rebellion are inherent to a great deal of sculptural concrete artworks by Jayr. They are highly graphically present without ever losing sight of their intended use. The combination of form and function often even has aspects which are sociocritical or stimulate thinking with their moral values, for example, the vase in the shape of an industrial pipe, where nature (in the form of flowers) and its antithesis (the concrete pipe) manifest themselves. However Jayr's designs never get too sombre or serious, instead always keeping their tongue-in-cheek playfulness.

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