Egon Chemaitis

Egon Chemaitis

Egon Chemaitis is a multitalent based in Berlin. Alongside his job lecturing as a university professor, Chemaitis also designs products.

Egon Chemaitis was initially a toolmaker in the Black Forest, Germany, and in South Africa, and also a metal chaser in Berlin. After studying design at the College of Fine Arts in Berlin under Professor Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg and Professor Hans (Nick) Reoricht, Chemaitis himself became professor for design basics at the University of the Arts in Berlin.

Until 2011 Egon Chemaitis taught in Berlin. Chemaitis has also taught in the master's programme at the Chinese-German Art Academy in Hangzhou since 2007.And then on top of that Egon Chemaitis still manages to also design products.

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