Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright

Designer & Architect

Frank Lloyd Wright (1857-1959) was an American architect and designer, who significantly influenced the architecture between the two world wars and still belongs to the classics of his time. Wright's designs were always in harmony with the people and his environment and focused on his principles of organic architecture.

Objects of art and architectonic structures need to be as simple as possible and minimalist in design according to Wright. That's why Wright oftentimes designed houses that did without dividing walls, so that the houses have as little rooms as possible. In general he did without details and ornamentation and necessary ornaments such as for example door frames were discreetly embedded in the overall picture. This was also true for the entire building. The house is to fit in its natural surroundings and is supposed to look as if grown from the ground. That is why colours and materials of the Wright houses are always natural and adapted to the surrounding. For Wright, the harmony between buildings and nature played the central role in his architectural designs.

In addition: the style of one house is not related to a single period or a style, but there are as many styles as there are different people. This way of thinking entitled Wright to mix different elements from all eras and include his client's character in the work. All Wright houses bear the architect' characteristic handwriting and in the course of time Wright developed a distinctive style.

But for Wright what was more important than the development of a specific style was that his buildings have positive properties, such as those of people. His houses were supposed to make a likable impression. At the same time, his houses were equipped with the latest technology. This was the big difference of Wright compared to other architects of his time.

In summary, his architectural style is marked by three features: Functionalism, technology and continuous development of architectural forms. Until today, his teaching of the principles of organic architecture is considered as a standard work of architecture.

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