Jonas Forsman

Jonas Forsman

The newcomer at Swedish manufacturer Blå Station: Jonas Forsman.

In May 2005, Jonas Forsman graduated from the Chalmers Technical School in Göteborg, Sweden in the major design and product development. He received a Master of Science in Industrial Design Engineering.

The young designer is the face behind Blå Station's table Chip which he created as the final project for his graduation.

Forman's projects claim to be innovative but at the same time also easy realizable. Creative and simple. However, realizing such goals always a long way to go but with the combination of intensive work, the knowledge about technique, material and methods, conceptions and human requirements, Forsman mostly ends up in a realizable solution.

Though, the table Clip is the first of Forsman's creations which is finally put into production, but several times, he had the chance to show his talent. For the project "Wine in a Can", he designed an elegant win can made of aluminium which was awarded with the "Swedish Aluminium Packing Design Award". More products he designed are a volcanic gas emission gauge, a telephone headset, or the demountable chair Hopper which enables an easy storage. Those products still wait for a manufacturer but one can be sure that in the future Jonas Forsman establishes himself as a successful and innovative designer.

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