Luciano Bertoncini

Luciano Bertoncini

Functional, Italian design with smart details

Luciano Bertoncini is an Italian designer who was born in Northern Italy in 1939 and lives and works in Treviso for decades. From the mid-60s, he worked for the Design Studio of the architect Vittorio Rossi in Treviso, where he discovered his passion for architecture and design. Since the beginning of the 1970s, Bertoncini manages his own design studio in Treviso.

Together with his team, he develops architectural solutions and designs for functional objects for the daily use, like beds and wardrobes with a difference. Moreover, his Design Studio is responsible for the image of companies like Diadora, Belstaff, Technogym for which he takes over the Interior of the shops. In 1999, the town of Oderzo dedicated him a personal exhibition for his 30 years of activity, with a publication edited by Virginio Briatore. His style is functional but always with a clever detail.

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