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Maria Christina Hamel

Maria Christina Hamel

Maria Christina Hamel is a globetrotter: born in New Delhi in 1958, she spent her childhood in Thailand and Austria. She moved to Milan with her family in 1973, where she studied at a German high school before moving onto the Politecnico di Milano.

After her studies, Maria Christina Hamel's design career began with a collaboration with Ugo la Pietra and later with Ambrose Rossari. From 1981 to 1991, Hamel worked with design icon Alessandro Mendini on many projects, including some for Alessi. Hamel has also taught at many universities, amongst them renowned institutes in India, France, Austria and Italy.

The designer Maria Christina Hamel is always searching for new forms of expression, mostly with her favourite material, ceramic. Hamel's works often straddle the thin line between design and art, for which reason they've been incorporated into the collections of many museums.

As a sort of side job, Maria Christina Hamel advises companies on their corporate design and designs their websites, shops and exhibitions. In addition to designs for Koziol, Hamel has also worked for famous brands such as Alessi, Swarovski and Tissot.

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