Markus Honka

Markus Honka

Markus Honka studied interior architecture after a cabinetmaker and clerk apprenticeshio. He is an independent designer with the office honkahe interieur + furniture, Nürnberg, since 1997, being very successful and honoured with many design prizes.

"With my versatile education I got an open eye for the need of my customers and for practice-relevant solutions. I understand design not only as design, but accompany the whole production process. Only that way it is possible for me to fulfil my enormus quality demand.
I especially estimate the open and constructive communcation with companies. There is the key for a successful conversion of design into marketability."

Besides his work as designer, Markus Honka also works as a tutor at the College Of Higher Eductaion - Nürnberg in architecture.

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