Designer - Nando Schidmlin

Nando Schmidlin

The designer Nando Schmidlin was born in 1989 and received a creative secondary school certificate from the Stadelhofen high school.

The name of his graduation paper: "The Chair: from Idea to Prototype".

After graduating from high school and backpacking through south-east Asia, Nando Schmidlin studied industrial design at the Zurich University of the Arts and completed an internship at Mox. During his internship at Mox, Nando Schmidlin designed the "Storch" office table, which was presented in 2010 at Blickfang in Zurich and imm Cologne. Things that fascinate him for his work as a designer: "Detecting and analysing problems. Thinking systematically and at a higher level. Conceiving. Being different. Changing between sketching, checking with models and working on a computer. Deciding to be inspired by an idea. Welding, cutting, sawing. Using different media. Working with precision. Making something, making ideas real. Presenting your own product proudly."

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