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Ole Jensen

Ole Jensen

Ole Jensen was born in 1958. He started his career as a mechanic's apprentice. His desire for more knowledge and his interest in arts and design led him to switch from the workshop to Kunsthåndværkerskolen in Kolding in 1981.

Here, he found the material that revealed his special talent: clay. Clay can be infinitely shaped – the artist sets the limits. With this material, Ole Jensen could transform his images world into objects that at first glace seem new and surprising but that take on a completely natural shape and aesthetic in an instant. Thinking in new ways and generally recognisable items were never contradictory for Ole Jensen.

After the end of his apprenticeship, new ceramicist Ole Jensen entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, where he studied from 1985 to 1989. At the same time, he began cooperating with Royal Copenhagen; he wanted to challenge the material, but he also started to work with other materials. Today, the focus of his design process still lies on clay. He typically develops all his ideas at the potter's wheel or at his workbench before he decides on the actual material.

Ole Jensen believes that objects should be simple and natural; the shape shouldn't be forced but should instead emerge completely on its own. His search for a "pure" expression, however, doesn't mean that design should be classified as formal; on he contrary, his work radiates humour and joie de vivre.

Ole Jensen was honoured with numerous awards throughout the years. These include the Thorvald Bindesbøll Medaljen (2004), Torsten og Wanja Söderbergs Pris, Göteborg (2006), the Red Dot Award and the Design Plus Prize.

Ole Jensen's design is exhibited in different museums in Europe such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the Kunstindustrimuseet, Copenhagen, the Röhsska museet, Gothenburg and the Habitare Collection Design Museum, Helsinki.

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