Oskar Zieta

Oskar Zieta

The design newcomer Oskar Zieta studied architecture in Stettin and afterwards began postgraduate at the ETH Zurich, where he taught as assistant for CAAD (Computer Aided Architectural Design).

Already during his studies, Oskar Zieta began to experiment with sheet as material and thereby developed his "FiDu-Technology" (free interior pressure transformation) which creates sheet furniture whose the material (two identical, welded sheets) being inflated by interior pressure with air or water. The most famous example therefore is the Plopp stool which has been honoured with the Red Dot design award in 2008.

As a consequence of the innovative manufacturing procedure no specimen will be similar to another one since no sheet-deformation is controllable. That makes every piece a unique one – a special appeal that became rare in times of mass production. Whether these irregularities were really desired by Zieta who rather thinks himself as researcher more than designer or even artist, is not clear yet.

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