Designer Peter Stathis

Peter Stathis

Peter Stathis founded the design studio Virtual Studio in the year 1990 as design and development licensed company. He began his career in New York with his graduation at the Pratt institute in the year 1989 and worked afterwards in different design areas for many leading design studios of the city. After graduating his MFA at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in the year 1989, he returned to New York as researcher for NYNEX Science and Technology and as Senior Designer for Smart Design.

After moving to San Francisco in the year 2000, his designs have been publicized more and more by the Wall Street Journal up to the Wallpaper Magazine. Moreover numerous awards and international expositions as well as permanent expositions in numerous great museums, such as the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, the Cranbrook Art Museum and the New Yorker Museum of Modern Art were added to his curriculum.

Besides the professional experience, Peter taught in many famous academic design programs in the past 25 years – among them also as chairman of the design department at the Philadelphia University of the Arts as well as director of the world-famous academic 3D-Design-Department of the Cranbrook Academy of Arts.

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