Oliver Niewiadomski

Oliver Niewiadomski

Oliver Niewiadomski is a diploma designer who lives in Bremen. Besides his work as designer, Niewiadomski also works as design professor in the Hanseatic city.

Niewiadomski explains about his design: My aim is to offer higher quality to things already while they in process of being designed, since more than twenty years, and to formulate a contemporaneous, pointed form. To work with existing parameters creatively, to follow new approaches and to transform them into intelligent products with high identity without forgetting the feasibility."

The mathematic-geometric collection of the University of Design in Bremen is growing under the management of Oliver Niewiadomski since 2004. Real models are developed, prepared and bought as didactic method for a deeper understanding. That's how also the geometry is special in the designs of Niewiadomski: the designer focusses on this.

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