René Hildebrand

René Hildebrand

Born in 1954, René Hildebrandt is a German designer and installation artist. His works are characterised by joie de vivre and fascinating simplicity.

After his apprenticeship to become an electrical engineer, Hildebrand worked in display construction, individual orders of lamps and trade fair construction since 1977. At the same time, he discovered his passion for design, created his own jewellery and Plexiglas furniture. His customers at that time already included companies such as Carrera, Alpina, Degussa and the Bavarian Ministry of Economics. Since 2001, René Hildebrand only works on own projects such as the Cazador del sol and different light systems.

The products by René Hildebrand are characterised by joie de vivre and a focus on essentials. The sun catchers are an impressive example for this philosophy: the imitation of the beauty of nature, combined with clarity and openness, spreads vitality and simplicity.

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