Roderick Vos

Roderick Vos

The designer Roderick Vos descended from a family of craftspeople. His father, Henk Vos was interior designer and sold furniture pieces of famous manufacturers. Roderick Vos therefore grew up surrounded by works of classic designers such as Charles Eames, Joe Colombo or Martin Visser.

Finally Roderick Vos studied Industrial Design himself from 1984 to 1990 at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. There he also met his future wife Claire who was also a designer. After his studies and the work for different designers, Roderick Vos and his wife went to Indonesia for six years.

On the Java island, the couple founded a design office and produced wooden and rattan furniture in a small factory. In that period, Roderick's love for Asian culture and its handicraft grew more and more.

The couple moved back in 1996 and helped to build and design a design-shop in Groningen.

Roderick Vos focused on product design since 2004. He manufactures his products together with international producers. He lives with his wife in a city in the south of Netherlands today.

Regarding the aesthetics of his products, Roderick Vos focuses on the good, pure and beautiful things. Design playfulness that offers time-limited beauty in connection with a temporary trend is not what he wants. Rederick Vos searches remaining aestheticism that contains useful qualities and that makes you happy.

This approach has for a consequence that Roderick Vos doesn't live in a design ivory tower, but visits factories and production ateliers, likeably searching the contact to regional workers. His work is inspired by production techniques, whether new ones or older ones. The innovation strength of a product begins with the knowing of materials and techniques for Vos.

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