Schweiger & Viererbl

Schweiger & Viererbl

Marie Schmid Schweiger (born 1972) and Florian Viererbl (born 1974) founded their studio for product design by Lake Starnberg in 2003. The two had met during their design studies at Munich University of Applied Sciences. Afterwards Marie Schmid Schweiger initially worked for some years as a designer and project manager in various firms in Milan and Munich. Florian Viererbl founded his own design studio and worked in Italy for various companies, including for the sports car manufacturer Lamborghini.

In their shared studio they develop products and concepts for various name-brand manufacturers and supervise their carrying over from the first sketch through to prototype construction and serial production. One of the special areas of work for the firm is designing outdoor furniture and accessories.

Characteristic of their designs are architecturally clear lines combined with high-quality, exciting material combinations. By focussing on refined simplicity, elegant and durable products are created.

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