Stine Goya

Danish designer with a sense for extravagant colour combinations

Stine Goya is a Danish fashion and product designer with her own fashion label 'Stine Goya' (since 2006), which is represented in over 90 countries. Her designs - whether for fashion or interiors - are characterised by extravagant colour combinations and experimental patterns with artistic charm. For Kähler Design, for example, the Danish designer developed the Fiora series, consisting of ceramic elements characterised by organic patterns and contrasting colours.

"Colours are fascinating and tell so many stories - from grandiose or dramatic stories to intimate poetry. For me, colours are an inexhaustible source of inspiration; almost like a raw material that I like to develop further. Colours can be mixed in infinite ways and create new shades that tell personal stories of colour, style and print. I love that." Stine Goya

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