Theresa Arns

Theresa Arns studied architecture and furniture design. She was born in Germany and lives and works in Copenhagen.

Initially Theresa Arns studied languages at the University of Cologne, where she graduated as diploma translator in 2005. The career was followed by architecture studies at the Peter Behrens School of Architecture in Düsseldorf. Afterwards Theresa Arns graduated in the Master of Arts in Architecture & Furniture Design at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Already during her studies, Theresa Arns worked as freelance with namely design offices, like Norm Architects or Space Copenhagen. That was when her first furniture pieces for the Danish company Menu were sketched.

"I believe I work on a very 'German' way. I am pragmatic, but I also think that all the things surrounding us play a warm, poetic part. I like to work with different materials and shapes, and I always try to design simple objects that tell a story", explained the designer Theresa Arns about her design philosophy.

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