Victor Vetterlein

Victor Vetterlein

Victor Wayne Vetterlein was born in Philadelphia and grew up in a design and engineering family. His grandfather, his uncle and his aunt were engineers and painters, so design and technology were common topics in the family. Victor Vetterlein initially received his Bachelor's degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University.

He went on to receive a Master's in Architecture from the University of Washington in Seattle. After graduating, Victor Vetterlein moved to New York where he worked as an architect in the offices of Charles Gwathmey and Thierry Despont.

In 2007, he opened his own Office in Soho in Manhattan.

Here Victor Vetterlein primarily deals with architecture and industrial design. His work is guided by the principle that an extraordinary object results from a strong concept. Listening, observing and research are the three approaches that form the origin of all Victor Vetterlein products. The best ideas arise from an interaction of several individuals working together toward a goal.