Willi Glaeser

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Willi Glaeser

Developing products is my life, I love beginning where there's nothing. There are many reasons to start the creative process. For me, there's usually a need at the start that's still concealed. Then there's ideas, many ideas and conversations, and some time - after hours or years - a new, interesting product is created."

Willi Glaeser was already the third-generation master carpenter and managing director of the Glaeser AG workshop when he created the today internationally known Swiss furniture brand, wogg, in 1981 with his cousin Otto Glaeser. wogg is the combination of the two's initials.

At the same time, Willi Glaeser also designed his own objects which became very successful. A good example of this is definitely the Paper collector, designed by Glaeser in 1989 and today sold internationally by Thomas Merlo & Partner AG.

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